Pest Control in Cyprus


Pest Control

Get rid of Pests and insects in Cyprus

Απεντόμωση στην Κύπρο

One way to get rid of Pest and Insects is through Pest Control in Cyprus.  Pest control is the extermination and the significan reduction of pest’s or insect’s population in certaion place. Simply, by Pest Control we mean an indirect disinfection, while the insects have many bacterias which can cause a serious problem in people’s health.   

Pest Control is a procedure that  it cannot be done with a certain way each time. There are two factors that determine the “strategy” that will be followed. The first is the insect that we want to defeat, and the second is the area that this disinfection takes place.  After taking these factors into consideration we can provide the following services:

  • Pest control with low pressure sprayer

Pest Control with low pressure sprayer is usually used in churches, block of flats, houses, and shops. It is used to deafeat cockroaches and other insects. Sprayer’s pressure should not be more than 2 bar and it has to be used from a 50 cm distance. By this procedure, we focus on disinfecting the area without blackening the area. 


  • Pest Control with a high pressure sprayer

Pest Control with a high pressure sprayer is used in industrial and outdoor places, where the area is larger. Through this procedure, the insecticide sprayed where insects walks or have their nests.

The right choice of insecticide is crucial in this proccess. The experts of Fly Pest Control are focus on choosing the right insecticide for the right insect, because it is very important not to kill the beneficial insects, but only the ones that are causing us a problem. 

  • Pest Control using GEL for Cockroaches

Pest Control using a special pistol which puts GEL as a bate for cockroaches where they are walking, or they are having their nests. The GEL will be transferred in the vast majority of them, and it will the problem 100%.  Moreover, it does not smell, it does not black the are, and you will not have to move your furniture. Last but not the least, this can be done when the shop or the office is open without causing any problem.

Pest Control in Cyprus

 Fly Pest Control  can provide the best services regarding Pest Control in Cyprus. Do not hesitate to call us for a free inspection and advice. The experts of Fly Pest Control will help you to solve your problem no matter how difficult it is. Trust the experts.