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Sprays, disinfection, how to control and exterminate them.

Wasps in Cyprus 1 Wasps in Cyprus

Many people are having problem with Wasps in Cyprus. Wasp is insect hymenopteron (Hymenoptera), responder (Apocrita) and tailstock. Wasps have little fur and are very strongly colored. Resemble armor compared to bees and other insects are hunters, between them and the bees. The wasp, unlike bee survives after a sting.

They do and these societies, but much smaller. The nest resembles in hexagons cells but is gray and resemble cardboard.
Built in unexpected places, even completely vertical, and depending on the type of wasp differ in shape. It is not necessarily aggressive insects, but because their contact with humans more often than what the human bees (except of course beekeepers), stings are also more often.


There are two main categories under the various wasp species : the solitary wasps and social wasps. Adult solitary wasps generally live and operate alone, and most do not construct nests. In contrast, social wasps exist in colonies numbering several thousand, are strong, build a nest and in some cases not all the colony capable of replication. Generally the queen and male wasps can mate, whilst the majority of colonies consisting of neutered female workers.


The following features are present in most wasps :

• Two pairs of wings (except females genera Mutillidae, Bradynobaenidae, many males of the genus Agaonidae, many females genera Ichneumonidae, Braconidae, Tiphiidae, Scelionidae, Rhopalosomatidae, Eupelmidae, and various other families).
• Ooapothetiras or center (which is only present in females).
• few or no hair (unlike bees) than genera Mutillidae, Bradynobaenidae, Scoliidae.
• Only some parasitic groups are aquatic, unlike the majority of wasps.
• Some species Pompilidae, such as wasp tarantula hawk, specialize in using spiders as prey, and various parasitic wasps use spiders or other arachnids as reproductive hosts.

There is a solution.

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