Mosquitoes in Cyprus



Sprays, disinfection, how to control and exterminate them.

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Many people are having problem with Mosquitoes in Cyprus. The mosquito is dipteral insect family Culicidae with about 3,500 species around the world.

The slim and long body of the adult mosquito covered with scales and have very long thin legs that allow only be based. The wings are membranous. Feature is an elongated proboscis that comes from the oral cavity. The male mosquito is more hairy antennae of the female. Mosquitoes feed on nectar or pollen found in nature, but females need blood and to enable them to make eggs.

Since the female perform a blood meal then mature eggs of these are placed on the water surface and then hatched larvae that feed on various organic residues. Some larvae of some mosquito species feed on other mosquitoes or other small insects. The larvae are aquatic and fitted with two breathing systems that allow them to breathe both under water and above.

The flexibility are at the bottom of their abdomen , giving them the ability to move with speed hitting the water. When the mosquito adulthood then exits the dorsum of the larval carrying a slot in the top of and then uses her body to float in water before able to fly.

Mosquitoes are attracted and stimulated by the movement of the body heat, the humidity and carbon dioxide exhaled breath. The whistle comes from doing synchronized their fluttering. The wind mosquitoes show no resistance and it can be transported very long distances.

Their activity has to do with the temperature and humidity of the air. Thus the early, early night hours and during the night most species are more active and biting, but there are also species that sting and around the clock.
The female pierces the skin 6 “pins” that has in his mouth, after a hemolytic antihistamine and saliva and the proboscis of sucking the blood results in the belly. Depending on the amount, it grows, having high elasticity. The mosquito’s sting causes redness on the skin, swelling and intense itching annoying. Despite the widespread belief a dark skin attracts more mosquitoes than a light.

Mosquitoes are often suffering accommodation and installation of man in several parts of the earth. Thus man uses various means of protection, such as mosquito nets, repellents liquids, creams and through extermination, with various insecticides and draining marshlands and members.

There is a solution.

Mosquitoes in Cyprus can be a very serious problem. Our company exterminate with specific methods and sprays Mosquitoes throughout Cyprus, depending on their type, using products approved by the Health Authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union.

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