Lizards in Cyprus



Sprays, disinfection, how to control and exterminate them.


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Many People have problem with Lizards in Cyprus today. Lizards are animals in the Class reptiles (reptilia). Most species have four legs and moving eyelids (these points differ from snakes, while the shape of their bodies like these). The species vary in length from a few centimeters up to nearly three meters.

Some lizard species have no visible feet, although there are traces in the skeleton, but apart from true snakes by the presence of eyelids and external ear openings. The tails of these and other lizards also detached from the body when trapped, as a defense, and then grown again, something you can not do any snake. Although they look slimy, their skin is actually very dry, since they bring resources to earn sweat or lubricating fluids. Indeed most lizards avoid the water and should not be confused with salamanders, which are amphibians, not reptiles. However, all lizards are able to swim, if necessary, and very few species are aquatic.

Many lizards can change color to resemble the environment or in cases of anxiety. The most common example is the chameleon.The lizards feed on insects or rodents. A few species are omnivorous or herbivorous. Known herbivorous species is the iguana, which is unable to digest animal protein.

Most lizards are oviparous (the norm for reptiles), but a few species are viviparous.

There is a solution.

Lizards in Cyprus can be a very serious problem. Our company exterminate with specific methods and sprays Lizards throughout Cyprus, depending on their type, using products approved by the Health Authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union.

The technical scientists FLY PEST CONTROL is always near you and they have at their disposal a number of powerful disinfectants, insecticides, methods for the control of insects and rodents and provide assurance that the attack has fully addressed satisfactorily, providing high level security for your family and for your pets.

So if you have problem with Lizards in Cyprus, and you would like to get rid of them, feel free to ask for a free estimate and advice. Contact us today.