Dust Mites in Cyprus



  Sprays, disinfection, how to control and exterminate them.


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Many people are dealing with Dust Mites in Cyprus today. The main source of allergens of house are dust mites.Reducing odor in the bedroom and the reduction of 99.97 % of dust mite activity will give a relief to allergy sufferers and better results in treating them.The need to maintain a good quality mattress is not an expense or a luxury but a compulsory answer to ourselves, our family, our people and the environment.

Most people do not associate health with clean mattress. During sleep you may notice small annoyances in your body. The disturbance is not a defect layer but usually occur because the layer is not cleaned thoroughly or at all.

All of us we clean our carpets which press 4-6 months time during a year or paying a specialist workshop. Your mattress you spend almost one third of your life you will not have to clean it ?

Our company undertake professional cleaning of your mattress from dust mites and debris using specialized procedures lighting UVC light that kills all germs, bacteria, and viruses. After we use a special machine to remove all debris from the bed. So , you have a clean mattress.

There is a solution.

Dust Mites in Cyprus can be a very serious problem. Our company exterminate with specific methods and sprays Dust Mites throughout Cyprus, depending on their type, using products approved by the Health Authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union.

The technical scientists FLY PEST CONTROL is always near you and they have at their disposal a number of powerful disinfectants, insecticides, methods for the control of insects and rodents and provide assurance that the attack has fully addressed satisfactorily, providing high level security for your family and for your pets.

So if you have problem with Dust Mites in Cyprus, and you would like to get rid of them, feel free to ask for a free estimate and advice. Contact us today.