Bees in Cyprus



Sprays, disinfection, how to control and exterminate them.

People have many problems with Bees in Cyprus. Bees are insects of the order Hymenoptera, which considered all the insects generally the most economically important to humans.

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The bee lives on Earth at least 15 million years and is considered one of the oldest residents still exist even today.

It is one of the few species of insects that man tried to take advantage, seeing that we had a financial benefit. This effort of man to tame the bee is not new.


The body of bees consists of head, thorax and abdomen. At the head of bees there are two compound eyes on the sides and just three at the top. From the portion located between the eyes, sprout two antennas, on which are various sensory organs. At the front of the chest carries two pairs of membranous wings. The abdomen is divided into rings, among them are the kirogonoi glands. The last of the rings has a stinger. Males have neither kirogonous glands, nor sting.


The queen is fertilized only once at the beginning of her life. Then leaves the nest and flies into the air, accompanied by a few dozen drones. The “wedding ceremony” and mating is always in the air. At this wedding trip the queen is not accompanied by attendants and is virtually unprotected. Precisely this fact has the greatest value in the natural selection of the bees. If the queen is not able to avoid enemies, then she must die without to leave offspring. The position will get another that will prove more robust and more capable.

After mating, the queen returns to the hive. It gives birth to the end of life without ever mate again. Keepers allow laborers to the queen to pass only if fertilized, otherwise leave it until it is fertilized . But do not let the drones to go. After the honeymoon, the drones are condemned to death.

Bees are a hitherto unknown world. While it is perfectly organized society is not yet known how operation and understanding. The bees concert is beyond any doubt . The question that remains is how this is done.

So far it has solved the mystery of guidance and warning that somewhere there is pollen or nectar. And not only that, but what kind and how much. So if you find some bee nectar, it will notify the entire swarm , but those are enough to gather nectar. Their orientation is the polarization of light. Regarding the communication between them, there is a whole system of movement, a kind of “dance”, performing the first bee found the food source. The other attendants attend the dance, interpret and fly straight, without losing their way.

There is a solution!

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