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You can see very often Bedbugs in Cyprus. The bugs are parasitic insects of the family Cimicid and feed exclusively on blood. The term usually refers to members of the genus Cimex whose Cimex lectularius, the common bedbug, is the best known, since it prefers to feed on the blood of warm bodies. Man is an ideal model organism for meals bedbug.


The name “bedbug” is derived from Cimex lectularius. Prefers warm homes, especially near or on the beds and bedding or other areas of sleep. Mainly active at night but are not exclusively nocturnal. Usually fed without being noticed. Since bedbug bites can occur a number of adverse effects on human health, such as skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Diagnosis includes both finding bugs and the appearance of symptoms.

The bedbug can survive in a wide range of temperatures and atmospheric conditions. Below 16,1 ° C adults enter semi – hibernation and can prolong the survival time. They can survive for at least five days at -10 ° C, but will die after 15 minutes of exposure at -32 ° C. They seem to have a high tolerance to desiccation, after living in low humidity at temperatures of 35-40 ° C, even after losing one third of their body weight.

The thermal death point for C. lectularius is quite high, 45 ° C, and to kill all the stages ( nymph , adult etc ) the life take 7 minutes of exposure at 46 ° C. But they can not survive in high concentrations of carbon dioxide for very long. The exposure, however, in nearly pure nitrogen atmospheres, appears to have relatively little effect even after 72 hours.

Depending on your tolerance to stings, you may not discover that you have stung for days, while some people understand it immediately or within a few hours.The bugs when they feel danger pretend to be dead, than there has been and know the expression ” represents the ” dead bug.

When we visit a hotel is better to put our luggage up, tables and chairs.

There is a solution!

Bedbugs in Cyprus can be a very serious problem. Our company exterminate with specific methods and sprays Bed Bugs throughout Cyprus, depending on their type, using products approved by the Health Authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union.

The technical scientists FLY PEST CONTROL is always near you and they have at their disposal a number of powerful disinfectants, insecticides, methods for the control of insects and rodents and provide assurance that the attack has fully addressed satisfactorily, providing high level security for your family and for your pets.

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