Bird Repulsion in Cyprus


Bird Repulsion

Get rid of birds and Snakes in Cyprus.

απωθητικά κύπρος

Unfortunately, birds are not as safe as they look. Many time, even the “safest” birds, like pigeons can cause serious health problems, while their excreta have many microbes. Also, except from the health issues, they cause many aesthetic problems. They have the annoying habit to sit on monuments statues etc. 

Birds repulsion can be done through the installment special equipment where they are sitting. By doing this, there is no place for them to sit, so they have to leave. We can also use ultrasonic devices.

Regarding snakes, cats and dogs, first of all it is forbidden to kill them, because according the law they are not human’s enemy. The repulsion in this matter, when it is necessary, can be done with different ways after the inspection of the problem by our experts.  

Bird Repulsion in Cyprus

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